I like to pretend that my Gwyneth and I share a birthday, even though we were born a year and a day apart. Mine is September 26, hers is September 27. Whatever. We all fool ourselves in different ways.

On Saturday, there was a party to celebrate. Many of G’s celebrity friends were there including Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy (an actress-rocker couple that’s still intact), Nicole Richie who came with Rashida Jones, Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer, Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson, and also…

Chris Martin was seen arriving earlier in the day.

Apparently the party lasted until 1am.

Everyone has to get up to be with their kids.

You know what happens when you have a birthday party and you’re not a parent? This is me at 4am Saturday morning.

Gwyneth probably didn’t wake up like that. We can’t all be surrounded by pink roses though.