Jennifer Aniston hosted a holiday party at her home in Bel Air last night and a lot of famous people showed up including Robert Downey Jr with wife Susan, Tobey Maguire with wife Jennifer Meyer, Courteney Cox, Chelsea Handler, and the Paltrow-Martins, Gwyneth and Chris. As we wait for the Vanity Fair hit piece on Gwyneth that might never materialise, well, evenings like these could explain why. In a much less extreme way, I wonder if Graydon Carter is trying to avoid feeling like Truman Capote right now. Exactly a year ago, Vanity Fair ran an engrossing article on Capote’s social suicide in 1975 when ESQUIRE published a chapter from his planned novel Answered Prayers, a roman a clef about the (true) lives of all his wealthy and connected New York friends. The “swans”, they cut him loose. And he was never the same again. Click here for some great procrastination reading if you didn’t get around to it the first time.

Anyway, as you can see, despite reports suggesting otherwise, Gwyneth is still getting invited. Of course she is. What’s it like when Gwyneth’s on her way, even if you’re Jennifer Aniston. Do you worry that the decorations won’t meet her exacting standards? Do you fret about the table settings? Do you stress about how the cheese puffs turn out? Do you even serve cheese puffs? Did she make cheese puffs with Michael Kors. F-ck me if I know what those are.

It’s yet another GOOP collaboration with a major fashion brand. This time, she goes back into her clothing archives and asks him to update some of her favourite Kors pieces. They come up with that gorgeous grey peplum sweater she’s wearing – at $950. That’s a lot of money for a sweater that works with just one body type. Otherwise, if you have breasts and hips, the effect might be squat and wide-hipped. Click here for more of GOOP x Kors. And enjoy the video below. She managed to work in some singing, naturally.