Interesting lead item that appeared in Page Six today - there's to be an Obama fundraiser in New York next week at Harvey Weinstein's. For the privilege of sharing an intimate discussion with the President, celebrity guests are paying over $71,000 a couple. That reportedly includes Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. But not Madonna. She was originally to attend but has now backed out. Wonder why?

G of course was one of Harvey's original girls. Shakespeare in Love is one of his major Oscar accomplishments. The Weinstein Company has now acquired Madonna's W.E. and will be pushing it during festival season in Venice and Toronto, hoping to make a run at the awards. The buzz around W.E. is hot. Like, Madonna actually made a really good movie...? That could be just the work of the typical Harvey hype machine but so far, the people I've talked to, who are aware that Harvey can pump the out sh-t better than most, insist that this is real, that W.E. doesn't suck.

So there's Harvey in bed with Madonna, and Madonna who was tight with Gwyneth, and Gwyneth who's more into Beyonce these days and she and Madge haven't been publicly BFF-y in a while and now, for this exclusive dinner, G still in but M has chosen to bail. It could very well just be a scheduling situation, sure, sure, but on a gossip level, I don't know if I buy that. Am dying to know what exactly happened. Or if somehow G will find away back into M's circle now that she's a successful filmmaker. Or if maybe G was pissed that M didn't consider her for the part of Wallis Simpson. Or if M wanted her and G was like, um, I'm not doing a movie with you. She is right around the age when Wallis married Edward. Please. These are my gossip wishes.

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