Coldplay played Barcelona a few days ago. Gwyneth and the kids were there too. Because, as she loves to say, GOOPy is part Spanish.

Did you just hate scream?

I think I heard you.

Here’s Chris Martin out and about on Sunday with Apple and the bodyguard. And then Gwyneth at the airport heading out with Moses. I did not receive the personal notecard she sent out to all her friends informing us that he’d cut his hair.

Am sure you’ll have a lot to say about G flashing her nude mom bra underneath her white pocket tank. I would have worn a black one. While you fixate on trashing her for however she’s pissed you off this time, I’ll be over here looking at her back and her arms. GOOP is still doing the Tracy Anderson.

Photos from Kadena Pix/Keystone Press and G Tres/