Gwyneth Paltrow was in Dallas this weekend for the GOOP pop-up. On Thursday there was a launch party. Monique Lhuillier was there too. There’ve been a few people who’ve yelled at me lately over email about being more on side with Martha Stewart than GOOP and not knowing who the GOOP client would be.

How about Dallas money?

If GOOP went to Calgary, it would be the same story.

For a certain demographic, there’s a lot more aspiring to be Gwyneth than there is to be Martha.

Anyway, on Saturday, G spent time signing books. Both her kids came along too. Who else?

Chris Martin.

According to the local news station, Chris brought Starbucks for G and it was all very low-key, very “family”.


We keep hearing about all those rumours that she’s ragey over Jennifer Lawrence and that it’s a major personal crisis but how ugly could it be if he’s doing weekend-away trips with her and their kids…who have to be the first priority?