Page Six reports that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have been in the Hamptons all week. According to sources, “They were operating like a couple, and with the kids looked like a happy family”.
Conveniently the latest GOOP newsletter is about the Hamptons.

There’s been speculation for weeks whether or not the two are reconciling…or have already reconciled. No one really knows. I mean, isn’t it just better for the children to be as civilised about this as possible – and that means continuing to enjoy each other, respect each other, be friends with each other. Like it was before…just without the sex…with each other.

There. That’s your choice. Either they’re consciously RE-coupling or they’re winning some prize for the most amicable, elegant, high class divorce of all time.

It’s the kind of thing people would bet on. They bet on everything. They bet on Prince G before he arrived – how much he’d weigh, what day, whether or not he’d cry when presented for the first time. Would you put money on a happy breakup or an imminent reunion?