Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin were in Hawaii for New Year’s Eve. Here they are playing on the beach with their kids, Apple and Moses. I never knew my G had two tattoos. I always knew my G would never have to carry around an extra holiday 10 which is what I’m doing right now. Last night we had Polish blood sausage and mashed potatoes like a last supper before the clean eating that begins today… for the Oscars (we’re trying to put together an amazing red carpet contest this year!), for my book tour, for my jeans that are tired of digging into my muffin top.

Still, clean eating to me is a hearty steak salad with a lot dressing. It is not a bowl of water with a few chickpeas bobbing around. Tonight I’m ordering chicken liver ravioli and grilled octopus. Does that count? Click here for the GOOP detox or what I like to call it: hate your life.