All those rumours about Gwyneth Paltrow being an asshole to Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence…

Do you believe them?

I find it hard to believe considering how close they’ve been all this time. Like on Valentine’s Day on Saturday, together at the beach with their kids. Because he’s moved on, yes, but so has she. I hear she and Brad Falchuk are pretty domestic, that she spends a lot of time at his place. That their relationship is pretty solid, maybe even more solid than whatever it is that’s going on with Martin Lawrence. Easier to be gracious when you’re not lonely, I guess? Think of Mimi. That’s not Mimi’s situation right now.

Anyway, we are 5 days to Oscar. As you know, she’s presenting. As I said last week, I really, really want her to present with Jennifer Aniston. And I want her to look as fresh and lovely as she does here, in sweats and a tank. And I want her to finally be photographed in the same frame as Brad Falchuk. We need one of those shots.