What’s Gwyneth Paltrow up to? Being real chic, obviously. Below are pictures of Gwyneth, Apple and Moses boarding a train from London to Paris (and also previously unposted pics of them when they arrived in Paris a few days earlier). They all look stylish and casual, none of them really trying too hard. I mean, her 6 year old son is accessorized better than I’ve ever been in my life, so there is some effort there, but overall just an ordinary snapshot in the life of an extraordinarily modern and bougie family.

There’s something cathartic about seeing this kind of image that comes out of the Paltrow-Martin family world. As an extremely bratty and ungrateful child, I just knew that somewhere out there families like this existed. Families for who the minivan was replaced by a train, Paris was the destination instead of Etobicoke, and mom carried an oversize Stella McCartney tote (I don’t actually know who made that bag) instead of the backpack from which I was served tuna fish sandwiches.

I guess the only nice thing about days like today, when there’s so much sadness in the air, is that it’s easy to be thankful for van trips, tuna fish sandwiches and whatever family we’re lucky enough to call our own.

PS. If you’re interested in Gwyneth’s army jacket, Sasha found it here.