Big topic of conversation yesterday on the site was Gwyneth Paltrow’s crazy tight beach body in Barbados and her many bikinis. Now there’s video to go along with it from the pap agency. Watch the clip straight through. Not even the photographers are denying that she was rather Biel about getting shot. Oh Gwyneth, why so desperate?

As for the question about whether or not Chris Martin was with the family on holiday – I’ve been able to confirm that they were seen on the resort property together. Needless to say, he wasn’t into the photo opp. All sources observed that Chris was definitely the more reserved of the two, described by some as simply shy, and others as kinda dicky. She was pleasant and friendly though, and this seems to be a common description from those who have had the rare opportunity to see them together. One reader wrote about a first class flight from LA to London a few years ago (Thanks Michelle!) and alleges that Gwyneth was lovely but Chris was “ornery and obviously mad at her” and spend the rest of the time ignoring her, didn’t speak to her during most of the flight, preferring instead to hang with the band. Apparently that made it awkward for those who did chat with her during the trip.

Jesus. Gwyneth sounds like Cameron Diaz. And I can tell you, she wasn’t that way before. Definitely not with Ben Affleck (she always, always had the upper hand with Ben) and not with Brad Pitt either. What happened?

Gwyneth Paltrow Visits Barbados
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Thanks Sue!

Also – preview of G’s next appearance on Glee.

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