Gwyneth’s Golden Globe weekend with Chris …and Winona?

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The Paltrow-Martins were out a lot this weekend in LA. On Friday Gwyneth Paltrow attended the Diane Von Furstenberg Journey Of A Dress Exhibition. She wore a black plunge neck pantsuit. On Saturday, she AND Chris Martin attended the Sean Penn & Friends HELP HAITI HOME Gala …together. And look at them. They agreed to be photographed side by side at their table – and happily. This…is a first.

Like last night was a first. At the Golden Globes because he was nominated. And there were several cutaways. Including this one:

Video/Photo Assumption suggests that they hate each other. But if you look at these photos they were in fact quite happy. I however am not happy about her shoes. My G knows better than these shoes. Of course during the show, they were all I paid attention to. Right before one commercial break, there was a shot of the two of them standing up, socialising with other celebrities, and she was standing behind him, her hand stroking his back.

It would appear that the Paltrow-Martins are in fact solid.

Interestingly enough…

Also at Sean Penn’s Haiti event – Winona Ryder, SO beautiful, and hanging out with Bono and The Edge. They used to be like this:

But for some reason, they broke up. And they were in the same room on Saturday. And I care about that more than I care about G being in the same room as Ben Affleck although I do wonder, like we all would when looking at our exes, whether or not she pictured him naked when he was up on stage.

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