Brad, Angelina, and Gwyneth too! All in New York!

Last night, my Gwynnie attended a fundraiser for Bent for Learning promoting yoga and other wellness activities in public schools as a means to help young people learn stress coping mechanisms earlier in life. Something like that. She looks amazing. Her bob… I’m so tempted by her bob.

Anyway, GOOPy’s good friend Christy Turlington is a yoga fanatic, and so the GOOP, you know she’s great with her girls, GOOPy came to hang out and to look fresh and slim limbed and healthy. Gwyneth was just seen a couple of days ago picking Apple up from school in London and Coldplay is touring Australia for the next few weeks so this trip to NY will likely be a short one. This could also be one of the reasons G was not at the Oscars. So much travel, too much time away from her kids.

As for the latest GOOP newsletter – it’s Paris this week! Amazing. Can’t wait to see the unaffordable places she’ll be recommending. Stay at the Plaza Athenee. Eat at La Maison de la Truffe. What’s up Michelle?

I’m writing this at midnight so her site hasn’t yet been updated – haven’t had a chance to review it. Will look as soon as I get settled in Vegas.

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