Gwyneth Paltrow last night in at the 14th Annual Saks Fifth Avenue Unforgettable Evening event for cancer research – G is wearing the dreaded shiny fabric. Lumpy Gwynnie? Of course not. Not with a brilliantly cut Balmain jacket. They say it’s all about shoulders this year…

And always, always shoes.

Those shoes!

I think Roger Vivier?

G is going two for two. Looked gorgeous at the Grammys and old school elegant in her snotty ass way last night – is it biting your ass? Oh but there’s more for you to hate on, read on.

Gwyneth was surrounded by power players last night – her godfather “Uncle Morty” Steven Spielberg, with whom she often spends Thanksgiving, and her good friends Beyonce and Jay-Z, and Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson all in attendance to honour G and also Courteney Cox for their work raising funds and awareness for cancer research.

Lisa Kudrow showed up, Sheryl Crow showed up, Jennifer Meyer (Tobey Maguire’s wife) showed up – all part of Jennifer Aniston’s regular posse…

But no Jennifer.

It was the night before her birthday but her BFF was receiving an award. Where was the BEST FRIEND EVER IN THE HISTORY OF TELEVISION???

Was Jen avoiding my G?

You remember it…Gwynnie once dismissed Jen as “that tv girl” years ago. Aniston’s legendary insecurity + Gwyneth’s legendary superiority complex… can you blame a girl for shirking away and staying at home, enjoying the cheesy serenade stylings of her douchebag boyfriend? Of course not. More on that later.

And finally, you’re right. I’ve been hard on Chris Martin and Coldplay lately. It’s just so irritating that they sound so sh-t at awards shows. But even he will tell you – it’s because they’re far from the best. I believe that the band truly believes this. I appreciate the honesty.

They said as much in their appearance on 60 Minutes (thanks to those of you who sent it along) and then I remembered how sweet and lovely they can be, especially Chris. Until he’s asked about his wife. Visible discomfort. He truly does not want to open up that side of his life to the public. Towards the end though, there is a great clip of G singing along at one of his shows. No makeup and candid, she looks f-cking perfect, and totally lording it over everyone around her.

Now you can start seething…

Coldplay on 60 Minutes

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