Gwyneth fangirls at the airport

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Gwyneth Paltrow flew LA to NYC yesterday. She was on the same flight as Demi Lovato. Here’s what Demi tweeted when she saw my G in the lounge:

Sooo.. I'm sitting in an airport lounge and Gwyneth Paltrow is across the room. Had I not seen Contagion 10 times I'd probably be excited.

Cute, right?

At some point, they were introduced. Per Demi:

Gwyneth P. is SO nice!!! she wanted a picture with ME?!!! #COOL

This is the photo:

And Gwyneth tagged it with:

@ddlovato Apple! Check out who was on my flight!

Apple Martin, G’s daughter, turns 9 in May. She’d definitely be of the age. I think? I’m basing this on my niece who is 10. And at least a year and a half ago was really, really into Katy Perry and knew all the words to her songs. Duana had to walk me off the cliff when I called her in a panic after learning this, “BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT KATY PERRY ACTUALLY SINGS ABOUT???????” In the end, wise Duana prevailed. It’s not like I knew that Duran Duran songs were about stalking and exploitation when I was dancing to them in my underwear.

Anyway, the point is Apple Martin and her friends choreograph routines and rehearse their moves to Demi Lovato music. And her ma Gwyneth, like a Twi-Hard, cornered her in the airport lounge for a picture. And when she posted the picture, because Demi Lovato fans are so active on Twitter, Gwyneth’s Twitter account started trending in LA, according to Trendsmap.

And you know what Gwyneth did?

She retweeted it.


You know I am a full blown Gwyneth disciple. For all the reasons people hate her, I adore her. I defend her. I will follow her into the fire. But the G who could lead me into battle? That G...gulp... I never imagined that G would be a retweeter boaster.

Ron Asadorian/ Splash

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