Gwyneth with Ewan in the window

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Ewan McGregor are in London today on the set of Mordecai. Johnny Depp is the lead on that film. So she’s back at work with some pretty big stars. Not sure then how true those rumours are that she’s taken a major professional hit from all the sh-tty publicity coming out of the Vanity Fair situation which… is that hit piece ever going to get published?

Gwyneth’s character looks super high class socialite – tidy blown-out hair and pearls. Mordecai is about a rich art dealer who gets into trouble all the time. G looks like she could certainly move in those circles. She also looks kind of attracted to Ewan. At least her character does. Like they could be flirting. I wouldn’t mind watching a Gwyneth Paltrow-Ewan McGregor love scene.

In other G news, The Collection was featured on GOOP this week. She’s modelling her favourite pieces from the line, including an amazing pair of drawstring pants by Stella McCartney for GOOP.

I’m also obsessed with this jumpsuit:

And this sick Helmut Lang jacket designed especially for her.

She looks great in this photo shoot. And …it’s a new presentation on her site, right? Straight up magazine styles? Click here  to see more.

PS. There was a rumour that G was considering gaining weight for a role so that you won’t hate her as much. As IF.

Neil Warner/ Splash

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