It's a total irrational peeve but I hate when people call Gwyneth "Gwennie". It's a Y!

Gwynnie is for Gwyneth, if you insist. I never. Because that sounds gross.

Gwennie could be for Gwen Stefani. If you insist. Because that sounds gross too.

Gwyneth and Gwen are friends. Of course they are. Gwyneth and Gwen went out for dinner in London last night. Gwen has been with Gavin visiting family for a week or so. There have also been playdates at the Paltrow-Martins. Because my G is the girl they all know and the one we all love to hate for it.

Interestingly enough, Gwen and Gavin are also friendly with the Brange. That circle, as you know, doesn't close on the other side though.

Are you friends with someone who's friends with someone who's not friends with you? And vice versa? I'm Gwen in certain cases and Gwyneth/Angelina in others. Sometimes I have to work very hard not to make a face when the other name comes up.

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