How do you get on one of these lists? Shinan Govani is on these lists. He was one of the privileged guests invited to the opening of the new La Mamounia Hotel in Marrakesh and according to his Twitter Gwyneth Paltrow arrived with the woman she once dismissed as “that TV girl”. Apparently she and none other than Jennifer Aniston arrived together like BFFs, all handholdy and close. I have tried to find a photo because you know how much that would be worth but have so far unsuccessful. Having said that, Shinan is a professional. A master gossip. And he would have watched that sh-t like the best hawk ever. It’s hardly surprising that Angelina brings the other girls together, non?

As for those ridiculous reports yesterday linking Jen with Orlando Bloom again just because they arrived in London together and shared a car…

Clearly the hotel flew them out on the same flight and transported them in the same vehicle to their next destination. For convenience. Orly’s model girlfriend Miranda Kerr was at the event too. Thanksgiving Jen is still single and finding companionship with my G who is not single but whose husband allegedly wishes he was.

Gwyneth looks gorgeous in pale pink. Jennifer once again is boring as f-ck in black matron.

Other high profile attendees included Juliette Binoche, Salma Hayek’s bitchface, and Adrien Brody looking really, really good, hopefully putting those fake castle days behind him.

Photos from Pascal Le Segretain/