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Gwyneth Paltrow was raised to keep up appearances. In her circle, among her people, you never let your face down. But lately, maybe because of all the organic meditation and barley she’s been eating, lately she’s been more inclined to show her sh-t. Especially on GOOP where she’s mentioned twice now a feud with a frenemy since proven NOT to be Madonna.

Remember when Kate Bosworth was accused to have cheated with Chris Martin last year? And Chris Martin said he’d sue the tabloid, decided to make a public statement about it, but then never did?

Remember when Kate Bosworth used to be tight with G and her crew, including Stella McCartney, but since then, for whatever reason, be it logistics or loyalty, has not been seen with that crowd?

Well tonight Gwyneth is on the guest list at the Met Gala. And because she’s a fashion whore Kate Bosworth can’t stay away either. She goes every year. So will they pretend like everything’s ok? Or will my G, please please please, will my G meangirl the motherf-cking sh-t out of that anorexic scag?

As I’ve already noted, Gwyneth is popular. And she has many friends who’ll be attending. Her new friend Jennifer Aniston will be there. And she’s tight with RDJ. And she’s close with both Kate Hudson and Cammie D. And of course Stella McCartney. And Plum Sykes. And Naomi Watts. And almost everyone else other girl on that list who knows about girl sh-t. She’ll could probably even recruit Scarlett Johansson to the team. Please. Would you turn that opportunity down? If G asked you to side with her against Kate Bosworth? Dear Gwyneth. This is no time for class. Bring your bitch. Hard.

Kate was out last night in New York in short shorts while Gwyneth worked out on the weekend. He really does have a type.

Oh and speaking of Gwyneth and Scarlett – G says reports that the two feuded are ridiculous. She told People that:

"I adore Scarlett. I loved having her on set. She is really funny. She swears a lot. She has a dirty sense of humor. She loves to cook. She's like a girl after my own heart."

I loved having her on set. Because that was GOOPy’s house, see? She says it like Scarlett was a houseguest. And THIS is my Gwyneth at her best.

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