LOVE what Gwyneth Paltrow Instagrammed last night:



#canttaketheSpenceoutoftheGirl #oscars #tbt @kerrywashington

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It’s from Sunday, obviously. Kerry Washington’s perfect skin. And G looks great here because of the light and because you can’t see the vegan dump on her shoulder. The caption is what makes it though.


They were in an a capella group together!!!

Kerry told the story last year on Kimmel:

“It was a nine-girl a cappella singing group, we called ourselves Triple Trio. And when I was in junior high school I really wanted to be in Triple Trio because there was this really amazing senior named Gwyneth Paltrow and she was president of Triple Trio. So I really wanted to be president of Triple Trio one day. And then I was co-president of Triple Trio one day. My shining honor!”

F-CK. I want to be a Trip Trio alumnus. Bet you Duana does too. Duana will sing anywhere with anyone.