And Geoffrey Rush too!

It was a big name Graham Norton yesterday as Lady Gaga, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Geoffrey Rush all sat together on his couch. Gaga performed at a private members' club later on with Kate Moss, Will.I.Am and several other stars in attendance. I'm told my G was supposed to go too, with Stella McCartney, but I've not heard yet if she made it.

So now she and Gaga are, like, totally bffs now right? We'll hear about it in a few months on GOOP. She'll post some article on hot yoga and slide it in there that she and Gaga, who is really into it, attended some private class together in London with some crazy ass instructor and it was so cleansing and we should all try it if we can afford the 500 pounds an hour.

Some think Gaga copies Madonna. This is a larger discussion and not really the point I'm going for so we'll bank that and move on - to the fact that Gaga and Gwyneth and no more Gwyneth and Madonna? Girl Sh-t! I am telling you! It's delicious.

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