In April reports surfaced that Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna had broken up. Again a couple of weeks ago, Us Magazine posted an exclusive that G was jealous of M and that the two are no longer friends. Both times I noted that this was not possible. As you know, I know my G. Click here for a refresher. So yeah, today I am gloating.

Because Gwyneth and Madonna were in London last night at the DVF and Claridge’s launch and they were very together. Like girly together. Probably huddled in a corner most of the night laughing at Victoria Beckham.

G and Madge, you’ll note, were doing no red carpet posing. They agreed to a few inside photos by celebrity sanctioned Getty Images which was allowed one photographer inside the venue. The paps then were only able to get Paltrow and Madge on the way to their cars, and they weren’t stopping on the way to their cars to give you a full pause glimpse of their outfits. Leave this to Posh.

Every pap agency got Posh, straight up and down, full body, every accessory (I need that Anita Ko spike bracelet), all angles. Because she gave it to them.

So to sum up: G and M have not divorced, but G and M hopefully meangirled Victoria. Much better story anyway.

Also – Madonna looks like a baby again, non? It’s freaking me out.

Photos from and INFphoto and Photos from Dave M. Benett/ Contributor/