No…the OTHER Twins. The Olsens.

My Gwyneth arrived at Heathrow bound for NYC today and ran into MK and Ashley. You’ll note all of them are wearing flat boots and not stilettos. Even though they don’t have children to chase after. Victoria Beckham on the other hand can’t walk into an airport without at least 4 inches when she’s with her 3 boys.

As for my Gwynnie’s GOOPy…

So many of you have written about subscribing to her newsletter, sometimes several times, and receiving NOTHING in return. Are you unworthy? Is this her way of telling you you’re not good enough.


A reader called NK put it best in her email to me last night:

“I have now maniacally subscribed about fifty times to that freaking newsletter - using two different email addresses - and I haven't received either of them. This is how she would have treated me if we went to the same high school. The rejection is killer, so now I want it even more. I thought men were the masters of the come-here-go-away routine, but she is the Queen.”

Here’s the silver lining…

It’s like a rite of passage, you know? A rejection you wear like a badge of honour. Gwyneth doesn’t want you! You’ve been dismissed by Gwyneth Paltrow! You haven’t really lived until you’ve been dismissed by Gwyneth Paltrow!

I felt this way when Anna Wintour froze me out. Something to check off the list and a fond memory to have forever.

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