My Gwyneth is hard to handle among the common folk. Most of you can’t stand her. Because she’s never tried to make you like her. Among celebrities though, Gwyneth is friends with almost everyone from Beyonce and Jay-Z to Madonna to European royalty to Steven Spielberg and Lorne Michaels adores her (apparently one of a few actresses with standing invitation to come back to Saturday Night Live whenever) and she’s friendly with the girls too – Cam and Cate and all the Kates and Liv and now Penelope Cruz.

Ms Paltrow is Ms Popular. 

Here she is with Pene in London after dinner the other night. She drove herself. How independent! And of course, because my Gwynnie thinks herself half Spanish, of course she’d be besties with P Cruz. 

Pene is said to be experiencing relationship woes as well – word out of Spain is that she and Javier Bardem have split up because she wanted babies and he didn’t. Perhaps she and G were commiserating together, although the Paltrow/Martin marriage seems to have righted itself lately, with Chris going out of his way to dispel rumours of an imminent divorce.

Interestingly enough, both Penelope and Javier have been nominated for Golden Globes for their performances in Vicky Christina Barcelona. Great movie – have you seen it? Anyway, if they really have broken up, that carpet might be spicy and awkward too. After all Tom Cruise will be there. Remember she used to date him? Ew!

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