Has it been a while since we've seen Gwyneth Paltrow with her best friend Cameron Diaz? It has. Cam is promoting her body book. They'd never admit it but I do wonder whether or not it's a deliberate distance, for the time being, to disassociate from the Gwyneth body brand. Or the Tracy Anderson "long and lean is better than muscles" body brand. Cam is fit, no doubt. But she's athletic fit. She's not the ballet dancer mold. She lifts more than 3 lbs. Tracy Anderson once said that women shouldn't lift more than 3 lbs because it adds bulk.

So while Cam and G haven't gone out in public lately, it's twice in one week that we've seen G with Reese Witherspoon. This is not new. G is tight with RDJ and RDJ is tight with Jim Toth, so they've been rolling in the same circle. We're just seeing more of it now. Yesterday they were front row at Hugo Boss together. God if only they could be mic'ed. The sh-t talking that must go on between these two, especially at a f-cking fashion show? I feel like no other actresses do a freeze-out better than GOOP and Poon.

GOOP and Poon!