And it’s a similar-ish dress. Even the back zipper.

It’s a motherf-cking dress-off! And you know the UK press will be all over it.

“Gwyneth Paltrow is so insecure about the younger Scarlett Johansson that when she found out Scarlett was wearing a grey shift, she decided to wear one too. Scarlett was furious when she arrived and saw Gwyneth one-upping her style”.

Of course they’ll go there. G is always the bad bitch.

But as much as you want to hate on her, and I hated on her earlier for her fake Chinese, Gwyneth had her sh-t lined up months ago. Gwyneth has it before everyone else, before even Scarlett. Trust.

So who wins? Well, you’ll accuse me of being biased but Gwyneth. Definitely Gwyneth.

There was an Iron Man 2 photo call today in LA. The entire cast. As great as Gwyneth looks, there are actually even better photos of her. But they’re not available to me. Which is too bad. Because when you see her from her left, it’s even more gorgessity. She is WEARING it. And her hair, longer now, and loose, and her skin, and the shoes, and those long long limbs...

I wrote a few weeks ago that it was unquestionable Gwyneth’s involvement on the press tour. They would never leave her out. Because she will always print. They all want to dress her and she always prints.

Scarlett by contrast...

It’s just not a very interesting shade of grey, especially next to G’s. Next to G’s polish, it’s almost like she’s an amateur. Her hair is too heavy around her shoulders, especially the shoulders cut that way, and her ample bosom adds to the volume. It’s overwhelming her. The height difference doesn’t help either.

Round 1 to G.

RDJ’s yellow suit is killing. He. IS.

Iron Man 2
, the countdown. And it begins.

Photos from Jason Merritt/