Again with the same colour. And designer this time too.

Just as it was on Friday at the grey dress-off, Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson turned up at the Iron Man 2 premiere in Los Angeles last night both dressed in white and Armani. G was the winner then, G is the winner now. And for all the nonsense they were selling about Gwyneth being cut out of the movie, and the poster, and the franchise, Photo Assumption the body language so far on this short press tour and it’s hard to argue that my G looks like the permanent player while Scarjo seems like the part-time guest. At least according to RDJ as he and his wife are all over GOOP while Scarlett appears to only be able to count Sam Jackson among her besties.

As for her dress – Scarjo is wearing Armani Privé. It’s, well, it’s a lot of Try, isn’t it? WAY overdressed. Especially when your counterpart Gwyneth shows up full steeze in shorts and a well cut blazer looking fresh and comfortable and effortless, like she barely thought about it, and then there’s Scarlett, the exact opposite of effortless, wearing the Guggenheim on her shoulder, and worse still... it’s not particularly flattering. Turn her to the side it’s not flattering. From the back it’s not flattering either. How could it be flattering when there’s a wing coming out of her stomach and another wing coming out of her ass? It’s totally incongruous with her face.

Because that face, that skin, it’s marvellous. It’s 25 years old, at its glowing peak, moist and dewy, over 10 years of moist and dew that G can’t get back. And this above all was Scarlett’s mistake. When you look like she does, as young as she is, you don’t have to have wear architecture, you don’t have to work so much Try. You just have to show up. Gwyneth would have had no answer to that. You can’t fight nature. But then again, style sense has never been a Scarlett strength.

Gwyneth takes Round 2.

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