As mentioned last week, Gwyneth Paltrow and her family are spending August in the Hamptons. Click here for a refresher. On Saturday G lit up the Hamptons social scene not as an “actor” but as a “writer”, showing up for the Authors Night For The East Hampton Library event. Her husband Chris Martin (not pictured, no pictures anyway) and children, Apple and Moses, were with her for part of the day and the kids didn’t seem to want to leave her, even when she was at the signing table. At one point she leaned over and kissed her son. Cute, right? Later on that night, G let her hair down and put on some heels. I like that she’s barely wearing any makeup and didn’t bother to do her hair. Is this the Hamptons way? Also, are Asians allowed to buy homes in the Hamptons? I keep eyeballing the background of all these pictures and can’t seem to find any. Asians are driving up home prices all over the world. Would people in the Hamptons have a problem with that?