After spending a couple of weeks in England, Gwyneth Paltrow and her kids arrived back in New York yesterday carrying two monogrammed bags. As you know, Jennifer Lawrence has been in New York. So… perhaps Chris Martin will be in New York too. And they’ll all celebrate Independence Day weekend at their home in the Hamptons? That seems to be where G and family will be, especially since they could have flown direct from London to LA.

Am also attaching shots of G this weekend hanging out with Kate Hudson at the Taylor Swift show. People have been throwing around the word “squad” a lot lately. But before Taylor started “squadding”, you know G was already building squads. And now, I feel like there’s a giant squad conglomerate, a squad merger, to make one mighty squad. Coincidence or conspiracy that they all kinda look the same? Will it work the same way it works in business? When the big corporation crushes the little guys?