Gwyneth Paltrow was in New York for Fashion Week yesterday, seated front row at the La Perla show. Gwyneth and La Perla’s creative director, Julia Haart, are collaborators. La Perla is sold on goop. So she was there to fulfill her business obligations, and part of that involved talking to the press. G was asked about lingerie, and sexiness, and Valentine’s Day, and, oh yeah…her friend Beyoncé. And, in particular, the Beyoncé Blessing(s).

“I don’t think it’s the girl’s job to the make the plans (on Valentine’s Day).”

I mean, I can’t sh-t on her completely for this because the truth is, many women feel that way. That THEY should be the ones who are appreciated on Valentine’s Day. What I’ve been taught – and am still learning – over the last few years though that I’d like to share with you is that more and more, especially in these times, words matter; and these statements, while seemingly innocent, can also contribute to heteronormativity, because the embedded perspective here is that Valentine’s Day – and the sensuality and romance attributed to it – applies only to man-woman relationships. Which in turn reinforces the idea that “straight” is the default. If it’s two lovers who happen to be women, whose “job” is it to make the plans?

In Gwyneth’s case, Brad Falchuk better be making the plans.

As for Gwyneth’s thoughts on her friend Beyoncé’s twin pregnancy, you see when G looks away at the 0:38 mark as soon as she’s asked the question? I know that look. I see it every time I’m working the press line on a red carpet. That’s the “glance over to your publicist” look when a celebrity does not want to be talking about what she’s talking about. G knows the rules of Beyoncé. And, typically, G doesn’t have to abide by anyone’s rules but her own. This, though, is one of the only times she’s ever seemed in fear. Beyoncé is the one invitation Gwyneth can’t keep just by virtue of her privilege.

Also attached - Gwyneth at a dinner in New York last night.