At the weekend it was Glastonbury, then they all returned to London where Beyonce threw down a secret show for what seems like celebrities only which... does that make sense to you because do the celebrities actually have to pay for the music?

Anyway, among the celebrities in attendance: Adele, Stella McCartney, Tom Ford, some Glee kids, Jessie J, of course Jay-Z, and... double of course, B’s best friend Gwyneth Paltrow. They seem to be inseparable when they’re inseparable. During the show, B had this to say about friends, and girls in particular:

"When women don’t have friends, I’m afraid of them. I grew up around women, I believe that we can teach each other so much. I’m always thinking about how unselfish we are and the things we need to hear and how much pressure there is being a woman. I try to write songs that will bring out the best in all of us and keep us close together."

Can you picture G in the audience, nodding her head like yeah, moving her hips like yeah...?

Anyway, after B’s words, now I’m thinking about Gwyneth and Madonna. She’ll never admit that they’re not tight anymore, but she is loving B a lot more these days than M. Someone needs to start the rumour that G wanted a part in W.E., maybe even playing Wallis herself, and Madge shut that down.

By the way, have you been reading Gwyneth’s Twitter? The Husband references are getting dropped a lot more lately. She actually called him her “hubby” the other day when referring to Father’s Day. GROSS. (There are certain words I cannot tolerate. “Hubby” is one of them. Also, “fabulous”. )

At Glastonbury though, G did not use “hubby” but she did drop this:

“My man is about to go H.A.M.” with a photo attached from backstage, where else?, before Coldplay performed.

Oh clever G! Shouting out her real husband and her hip-hop best friend at the same time! Attached – G with her head on Jay-Z’s shoulder at Glastonbury during Beyonce’s show and at Beyonce’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire show last night. I WANT this outfit.

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