Gwyneth Paltrow was in Beijing yesterday as the international ambassador for Coach at the brand’s 70th anniversary celebration. A LOT of Chinese people buy Coach. In fact, a lot of Chinese people buy all luxury brands. You could argue that Chinese people are keeping luxury brands alive. When we were in Dubai last week at that crazy ass mall with all the expensive labels, only Chinese people were actually walking out of the store with purchases.

Anyway, Gwyneth is wearing a dress from her friend Stella McCartney’s Spring Summer 2012 collection, my favourite from Paris Fashion Week - click here to revisit that article. I am totally obsessed with all of it. Nicole Kidman had on a longer version of the dress in Nashville - click here to see.

Given how close they are, G and Stella, I wonder if she has to pay.

Her hair is getting longer. I like it when it’s long and scraggly.

As for this week’s GOOP, did you read it? I think it was totally sponsored. Like the entire profile was a paid advertisement. And in between she pimped her husband’s new song, her cookbook, and her favourite shoes. God, Gwyneth, would you please, please work on a new business plan.

Click here for the new GOOP.