It’s Wednesday. Gwyneth Paltrow is pissing people off. This time it’s about breasts. A few days ago, there was a post on GOOP about the relationship between bras and breast cancer, publishing a long piece by Dr Habib Sadeghi, a medical anthropologist, who wrote a book about the theory in 1995 that’s been discredited by medical professionals. Click here to read the original article at GOOP. If you do though, you should follow-up and click here for a rebuttal. Or click here for a summary of the claim and the counterarguments made by its opponents.

Gwyneth stepped out last night in LA at the LACMA screening for How To Dance In Ohio in a blue and black lace dress and, well, I’m pretty sure that’s a white bra and white underwear, or am I seeing things?

So am I to understand that Gwyneth and Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie and Jennifer Meyer and that whole crew, you know who they are, am I to understand that they all have bra paranoia and clock their bra time? Like do you think they keep bra journals?