Gwyneth in Vegas

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This is about right.

In her mind, that is. In her mind she’s dressing for her audience -- in this case the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas yesterday where she delivered the keynote address, talking about how she’s taking Goop global. Fine, but I haven’t hated a Gwyneth Paltrow outfit the way I hate this one in a long, long time. Since 2003, in fact, back when dressing like this was fashionable. And again, like she was in Chicago, with that stiff smile and face.

What happened to the privileged saunter. The nonchalant body language? The infamous GP slouch that seemed to have its own tagline -- I’m here, but really, I could be anywhere...

Maybe she’s nervous about Vanity Fair. Maybe she was nervous about giving her speech. Maybe she was nervous about how her speech would be received. Here’s what she said about GOOP:

“I really want GOOP to feel like one friend talking to another. Goop really came out of my closest friendships. We’re offering something that’s relevant and real. That’s what’s made it successful.”

There it is: “relevant and real”. Those are her brand words, right there. As a business case study, that’s what you’re judging. Are these the words you’d use to describe GOOP? Relevant and real? Well, it depends on the audience. Who is the GOOP audience? If the GOOP audience is the Gwyneth Paltrow inner circle...sure. But they’re aiming for wider, aren’t they? The wider you get, “relevant and real” becomes more diluted. This is why they snark on her for recommending $450K worth of spring clothing and advocating a workout and diet schedule and regimen that seems unrealistic for people who can’t take 3 hours of their day to dance off the wine in their private studios and grow tomatoes in the garden.

Me, you know me, I’ll take my G any way I can get her, though I’d prefer her less “relevant and real” than “elite and exclusive”. Still, it’s an acquired taste. To many she’s an abhorrent taste. At best, she’s a polarising taste. Now how you turn that into a business plan?


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