Did you see this on People.com? Tracy Anderson going off about how Gwyneth Paltrow had to gain 20 lbs for Country Strong?

"They wanted her to eat a lot of chicken. It was frustrating for me, but they wanted her to gain. When I trained her for the first Iron Man movie, I took 30 pounds off her. And she's been consistent ever since."

First off, I don’t believe she gained 20 lbs. Where? Watch the trailer below. Try to find me 20 lbs. Second, it’s a little irresponsibleto imply that a heavier Paltrow is undesirable, non? G + 20 isn’t even heavy anyway. G+ 20 is still Average – 20. So we’re not even, bitch. Not even close.

This is not the way you endear yourself to the market that Country Strong is trying to reach. My G should be all over this. My G should be muzzling her trainer. Because my G is working very, very hard to pimp this movie, and this singing business, and I’ve heard from a lot of Nashville folks lately and most of them seem rather charmed, even impressed.

Imagine this: Gwyneth Ice-Ass Gluten-Free Paltrow calling up radio station managers personally, super sweetly, thanking them for playing her song. For real. She’s doing this. And there were on-air interviews yesterday too, and a press conference, and the reception was extremely positive. They found her very gracious, they were quite taken with her.

Yes. Gwyneth. HER.

All this of course in advance of her live performance tomorrow night at the Country Music Awards which I will miss because I’m in London. Someone better get this on YouTube. You bitches are too biased against her. I need my own opinion!

Here’s G, perfectly perfectly styled last night at the Nashville premiere of Country Strong. This dress is amazing. It fits beautifully, it’s very chic, but it’s also really accessible, especially the sheerness right at the hem, like a hint of prom-y action just so it’s not too fashion people for the real people. On selection then, she really hit the right note.

Poor Leighton Meester. She looks positively dull next to GOOP. I take no pleasure in saying this, I really really don’t.

Photos from Rick Diamond/Gettyimages.com