Gwyneth was in New York a week ago for the Met Gala. At some point she went home to London. Today she was spotted at Heathrow on her way back out. Love the boots, the blazer, all of it.

This weekend at the Snow White junket, after we had all wrapped for the trip, we started exchanging stories over dinner, as reporters often do. Who was your worst ever? Who’s been your best? Let me tell you about the time X went crazy sh-t on my ass. Oh yeah, I can top that with the interview I had with Y who blew up the hotel suite. And on.

Everyone has a horror story. Or several. Those are the best stories, the ones you’ll tell forever. And still...

No one had a Gwyneth Paltrow one. I mean, some of these people have been doing it for almost 20 years and not one of them had a sh-tty junket experience with her. Tommy Lee Jones? Please. That’s all of us. Julia Roberts? Of course. Halle Berry? Oh spectacularly crazy. But Gwyneth? Nothing about Gwyneth. In fact, almost all of them say she’s super nice.


Yes, of course. Obviously these people just aren’t trying hard enough. Me I’ve just never had the pleasure and, frankly, don’t ever want to. What if she doesn’t talk down to me? What if she doesn’t treat me like it’s her charity moment of the day? I may never recover.