F-ck the EGOT. Gwyneth’s after something more.

She acts, she sings, she macrobiotics, she mothers, she matchmakes, she works out, she bakes, she purees, she loves, she laughs, she cries, and now she brokers peace…

Am I missing something?

Amazing story today coming out of THR: as you may have heard, Kings of Leon denied Glee the right to use their music. Ryan Murphy then called them “assholes” in an interview. There was a Twitter battle after that. And everyone was bitchy and huffy.

Until my G came along and made it all better.

Apparently G sent them all text messages, and they were so inspired by her spirit of conciliation they all made up and are totally friends again. Glee cast members were hanging out with the band at the Grammys and GOOP is getting full credit.


You know she’ll deny it and play it all humble and when Sex on Fire is performed by Nude Erections at the Glee finals in New York to end the season everyone will know…

This moment was brought to you by Gwyneth Paltrow. Hate on that motherf-ckers.

Attached – more Gwyneth at the Grammys with Dianna Agron and Kevin McHale.

Photos from Wenn.com and Lester Cohen/Gettyimages.com