You enjoyed those Gwyneth Paltrow holiday photos so much yesterday I’m posting one of them again – this time with an update. Click here to see the full set from yesterday.

As already noted, G was in Mexico with Brad Falchuk. Turns out her kids were there too. Not that you needed any more confirmation that their situation is super serious but they’re full up in each other’s lives now. She can boast about being the poster woman for amicable divorce and enjoying a stable post-divorce relationship before her ex.

It’s not a competition, Lainey!

No. It’s not SUPPOSED to be a competition. Big difference, non?

Anyway, here’s G savouring the end of her holiday with Apple on Instagram:


@airbnb who knew?? Such a beautiful trip. Adiós Vallarta. Hasta la próxima!

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TMZ says that they stayed in a villa that can accommodate 12 people. It comes with a private chef and two pools and workout facilities. And, just like you do when you go away, they booked it on Airbnb. For $8,000 a night which, sure, sure, is way out of our range, but that’s nothing compared to say, renting a mega yacht for New Year’s in St Barts. Which is Leo’s move…for over $400,000 a week. Or Beyonce and Jay-Z in Italy for $900,000 a week. A week! How much fuel is required to fuel a yacht? A friend of mine went to Barbados last year and got invited onto one and told me it’s like a grand for a day or something? Let me know if you know. And if you know does that mean you have a boat?