Gwyneth Paltrow celebrated her 40th birthday surrounded by family and friends in Portofino. Don't see her ma around but for sure that's her brother Jake and the kids were there too, and also Chris Martin. Here's a rare shot of them in the same frame. Obviously he had no idea they were being shot. Otherwise he would have jumped off the boat.

I wonder about this often, and here’s another opportunity: does she pay for everyone to come? Do celebrities treat their non-celebrity friends? Gwyneth and Chris can independently afford it. Between them, they can totally afford it. In fact, they wouldn’t even notice it. If that were me, I totally would. If I could, I’d charter a plane for all of us to the Maldives for a week. And while so many celebrities are so famously cheap, I feel like G would eat the cost for it on this occasion. I feel like she’s one of the generous ones. Am I dumb?

Also, her hair looks so good when it’s kinky and messy like this. Way better than straight ironed.