Next week, Gwyneth Paltrow will not sing Adele as well as Adele on Glee. This week she’s pimping her new cookbook in New York. Apparently there’s even a book signing somewhere today or tomorrow. Like people will line up for the privilege of meeting her and trying her recipes.

Anyway, last night she threw a dinner party and invited some of her famous friends so that she could cook for them. I’m just repeating what the photo agency is saying. That she cooked for them. Because… how will that help sell anything? You want to cook for someone, you could for the real people who’ll be paying $40 or whatever it is to read about the recommendations that come out of your two ovens and 1000 square foot pantry.


She’d throw her silverware away if people like us actually put our mouths on it.

Instead, it was a guest list that included Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Stipe and her mother (of course Michael Stipe escorts her mother), Jay-Z, Martha Stewart, and Cameron Diaz’s amazing ass. I LOVE this outfit with the suspenders.

You’ll note, G’s husband Chris Martin was there too. You’re looking at his back because he ran away. Freak. Is it so bad if we see half your face on a night when you’re supporting your wife? Is that so bad? I get it that they don’t want to walk carpets together, be photographed together, but if she’s not in the same frame, if she leaves like 45 minutes after you, can’t you just walk to the car instead of taking off like there’s something to hide?

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