GOOP on the cover of the March issue of Elle UK!

She looks like she’s popping out of a box, non? In theory, I like the jacket. But the way it’s photographed, dimensionally, the puffy sleeves are the same size as her head. Still…am all over the little shorts. Thanks to the shady trainer, Gwyneth keeps flashing her long, lean legs.

As you can see, G is fronting The Fashion Issue and, love her or loathe her (most of you loathe her!) she certainly did own the shoe department in 2008, towering over every red carpet with those 6 inch medieval torture devices sending everyone to Selfridges and selling that sh-t out. Bragging rights.

It’s really too bad she couldn’t stop there. That she had to try and become Martha Stewart.

Click here for a great article on how the GOOPs is being judged. The folks at sound pissed. She’s encroaching. And, well, so far she’s winning. Because even the haters are subscribers. In fact, the haters can’t help but subscribe! The haters are helping Gwynnie build an empire!

Remember – this Thursday, in the next GOOPer newsletter, Gwyneth and her friends judge you for being a bad mother. You know you can’t wait to read it.

As for why the cover of Elle UK? In service, I suppose, of Two Lovers with Joaquin Phoenix. The film will be released mid-month …like, why bother? Straight to DVD, right?

Image from TFS