Where to begin?

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Matthew Morrison is in London. Gwyneth Paltrow lives in London. They went out for dinner to Locanda Locatelli this weekend and then hit up the Grosvenor for drinks. Needless to say, gossips are trying to make a story of it now about them carrying on some kind of affair. I agree – it would be smutty indeed.

But so obvious?

Madonna eats at Locanda. A lot of celebrities do. Paps are there all the time. The Grosvenor too is not exactly a hideaway place. And the thing with Gwyneth is, as you’ve seen from how seldom she’s photographed with her husband, she knows how to avoid being shot. So this, this is not two people cheating and getting caught. This is something else entirely.


is so popular and G wants to be so popular these days, right?

And Matthew has a new album out, yes? She sings with him on the new album. I think it’s Over The Rainbow…which… eyeroll.

I suppose then it wouldn’t hurt to get people talking about it, suggestively. Dangerous game to play though if that’s really what it is.

Why can’t they just be friends hanging out, Lainey? Why do you have to be such a cynical bitch?


You’re right. They could totally just be friends hanging out. I’m just surprised, you know, since she’s such a homemaker with her own cookbook and all, that she didn’t have him over for her signature spelt casserole, or some such.

As for that cookbook, Amazon has a great link where you can see several pages from it. Warning: you’ll lose some time if you look now. The pictures, her children, her writing, the introduction, all of it. So do it when you don’t have a deadline. Click here. And as a reader called Marice pointed out, on the acknowledgements page, there’s a blue heart with a “CM” in the middle. Chris Martin?

And finally…

Who Do You Think You Are?

Did you watch?

It’s a show where famous people trace back their ancestry. Please. Her wardrobe alone for this one hour special should have had you watching. Skin tight leather-y pants. A sweater or something with built in striped fingerless gloves. I need it.

But then Gwyneth “discovered” her history. The part when she found out that her great great grandmother or something was a housekeeper… I mean… the look on her face, she tried so hard not to spit, it made my life. As did the moment when it was revealed that on her father’s side she’s descended from a rabbi essentially described as the Dumbledore of Kabbalah. GOLD!

Imagine Madonna?

She works for a decade to be known as the poster girl for the religion and along comes Gwyneth and it turns out her family practically invented it? I wonder if she sent Madge a copy of the DVD.

Attached – Gwyneth takes Moses to Legoland on Saturday.

Below, hopefully it embeds properly, Gwyneth on WDYTYA.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com