Gwyneth Paltrow’s third cookbook will be released April 12th. It’s called It’s All Easy. And the target market is the working parent. Which is apparently why she’s dedicated to the book to children. Her own children, Apple and Moses. And other famous children. Famous children of her famous friends – and she has so many. So… who made the cut?

Sascha, Julian, and Shepard are Seinfelds.
Ford and Logan, of Ryan Murphy.
Kate and Sparrow, of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.
Olive and Frankie, of Drew Barrymore

And, of course, OF COURSE…

The Blue Ivy Carter.

That’s clear to you by now, isn’t it? The Blue Ivy Carter and the Beyoncé are in Gwyneth’s life, significantly. And she considers it a major accomplishment. Is it an accomplishment to be friends with someone? The way I see my friends, yeah, I do believe I’ve achieved something in being in their lives. Because I admire and respect them all. And if they have decided they want to share with me, I feel privileged and, most importantly, I want to keep it. I want to make sure I still deserve it.

How, then, do you think G “deserves” B? What does B require of G?

And while we’re here, are you wondering how this list was curated? Like Ryder and Bing aren’t on there. So they don’t eat G’s food?

Attached - Gwyneth departing JFK Airport earlier this week.