For those of you who love to hate Gwyneth. Because she dies. And don’t yell at me for spoiling it. This is what they told me in the trailer.

It’s Contagion. Directed by Steven Soderbergh. Starring Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Marion Cotillard, and my Gwyneth who opens the preview and appears to be the first one to get sick. She does a really, really great “I’m going to projectile” face. I’ve screencapped it for you here but it’s way better in the clip.

, obviously, is about a deadly virus, the worldwide alarm as a result, and the efforts to contain it. The release date is September 9th. Kinda like 1995’s Outbreak but not in a small town and with no Cuba Gooding Jr who is at once scientist/pilot/soldier/and whatever else Dustin Hoffman tells him to do?

Well, this time it’s in 3D. And that cast, and the Soderbergh. So...

Expect more?

It’s not a bad trailer, but I don’t want to punch myself in the face from the anticipation either. Or it could be the subject matter. On Sunday I went to the Met and I was hot and dehydrated and had the worse period cramps and waited in line for an hour and ended up fainting. When I came to all I worried about was that people were going to think I have SARS. Later today I’m flying home to Vancouver. Now I feel like I’ll be itchy and paranoid the whole flight. So the thought of sitting through this movie and seeing people bleed out Ebola styles through every orifice? I might have a hard time with it. Your turn.