Gwyneth Paltrow was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. The first ever goop summit, In goop Health, is happening this coming weekend. It’s sold out. Did you know that the most expensive ticket level, the “Clear Quartz”, because the levels are named after crystals, sold out first at $1500 a spot? So, again, laugh and mock at Gwyneth, but also know that it’s not just something we can wave away anymore. Many people, mostly WOMEN, are giving her their money. And they’re giving her their money for wellness, they’re putting their money in her business in exchange not for style or even beauty… but for WELLNESS – or at least the promise of wellness. At a certain point, it went from funny to alarming.

G insists that she “milked the f-ck out of every opportunity” to turn goop into what it is today. And she’s right – she did take advantange of her opportunities… because she’s always had more opportunities than most. There are a lot of lifestyle websites out there, a lot of very good lifestyle websites. How many of them get featured on late night TV on a major network?

Here’s Jimmy asking G about some of the weird sh-t she promotes on goop:


As Jezebel points out, G says “I don’t know” or “I don’t know what the f-ck we talk about” at least three times in a span of three minutes. And, sure, she’s laughing, she’s joking around with Jimmy, she’s done this so many times before, she’s kind of cheekily acknowledging that to some people, what they post on goop sounds f-cking absurd.

But here’s the thing – if you’re doing good work, and you are there to show your work, in between the laughs and the jokes and the lightheartedness, there has to be some INFORMATION provided, non? If you are the CEO of a brand, and a seasoned celebrity, shouldn’t you be able to entertain on television WHILE properly promoting the product?

For some people, yes. By some standards, yes. For others though, all they have to do, all they’ve ever had to do, is show up. That’s all it takes to “milk the f-ck” out of every opportunity. And, I mean, that’s great for her. But if you are the consumer she’s targeting, how is that great for YOU? After all, you’re the one ingesting her vitamins.