The latest GOOP newsletter doesn’t suck. This is because there are no recipes. Or book recommendations on parenting for judgy moms to use to critique the other ladies at playgroup.

Nope. This week’s GOOP is about green. Love the Stella McCartney organic collection (but her site needs bigger font), LOVE the Muji socks, definitely want a Solio Solar charger since I have ten thousand phones and blackberries and iPods, and then there’s Cameron Diaz.

Oh they’re friends – didn’t you know?

And Cam has contributed this issue – suggestions on environmentally friendly but stylish clothing and household items (I want one of those refurbished cushions).

It’s not the first time Gwyneth and Cammie collaborated on green. They shot a series of PSAs for the Environmental Media Association a few years ago (the clips are pretty cute – click here to see) and partied together in the 90s in New York. G shouted out Cam on stage at the Golden Globes when she won for Shakespeare In Love, calling her “my friend Cameron Diaz” and the two remain tight, having just had dinner together at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood a couple of weeks ago.

G has actually had a few famous dinner dates lately. Last Sunday, after the BET Awards, she and Chris Martin hooked up with Beyonce and Jay-Z at Madeo. The girls sat on the same side of the booth so that they could whisper and laugh at poor people. She’s so popular. Does it kill you?

Click here for GOOPy Green with Cammie D.