As you’d expect, Gwyneth Paltrow is taking a lot of sh-t today for this story that appeared in Page Six:  

Just in time for Earth Week, Gwyneth Paltrow took a 10-second car ride from the Stella McCartney party to the following dinner in LA on Friday. Most guests later walked four doors down for the dinner at Madeo restaurant on Beverly Boulevard. Our spy said, “It’s a short walk. Also at the dinner was Gwyneth [who has starred in green public- service announcements] with husband Chris Martin — except she left the party in a gas-guzzling Town Car, were chauffeured a few feet and got out at the restaurant that was pretty much next door to the party.” Reps confirmed that while Gwyneth took the car, Chris walked. According to Mapquest, the McCartney boutique (at 8823 Beverly) and Madeo (8897 Beverly) are 0.06 miles apart, a 10-second drive. Gwyneth's rep Stephen Huvane said this morning, "Chris walked to the restaurant and Gwyneth took a car in hopes of splitting up the paparazzi who were getting very aggressive and nasty. This is what the security at the event suggested they do because other guests had a difficult time walking to the restaurant. Do you really think she did not want to walk?"

Now we’re all getting on G because she’s too precious to move her feet. Please. G is full of her own ass all the time, but G is not my Mimi. Mimi doesn’t walk. G actually walks a lot. We’ve seen her walk. We’ve seen her walk all the time. She walks from the train station (the train!) upon arrival in Paris from London. She walks around in New York when she’s out with her brother. She walks in Mayfair when she’s out with her friends.

When doesn’t she walk then?

The only time G doesn’t walk is when she’s with HIM.

Her husband.

The man who books it down the street because he doesn’t want to be seen at a party in her honour. Her being the mother of children. Chris Martin, more the environmentalist than his wife (have you ever been to a Coldplay concert?), would rather put his wife in the car for 10 seconds and walk separately than have to be photographed side by side with her leaving an event.

It’s not like this is behaviour we’ve never seen from him before. I’ve documented it several times on this blog. But, you know, it’s never Mr Martin who eats it; it’s always Mrs Martin who takes the hate. Because... Chris Martin is nice to his fans? Yes, but he’s a DICK to his wife. How does he get a pass?

Put it on her for her insufferable twang, her impossible recommendations, the way she smears herself all over Beyonce because it’s the only career move she has left...

All of that, yes, yes, yes, and don’t ever stop. Throw it at her with enthusiasm, I totally agree.

But this? Don’t absolve him for this just because she eats tree bark and works out 5 hours a day, come on.

Here’s Gwyneth in Beverly Hills yesterday after having lunch with friends. Coldplay is in Calgary tonight and then Vancouver this weekend. I wonder if she’s travelling with the band but I care more about this top she’s wearing and must have it.