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My Gwyneth last night after dinner at Cipriani. Very short skirt as usual. Long toned legs as usual. Red Kab string as usual. But no makeup which I love about my girl because, well, look at Carrie Underwood – more on that later. And then the hair. Prairie hair. Or settler hair. It’s the GOOPer at her most “casual”.

Speaking of GOOP…

Today’s newsletter is my favourite so far.

DVD picks from famous directors!

Of course they’re famous directors. She only knows famous people. And of course she had to name drop her godfather Steven Spielberg but she also gives Seth Rogen some love, and Jon Favreau who chooses Kung Fu Panda (heh), and Jeff Spicoli too. Last week she’s a motherf-cker, this week a pot smoker.

Oh MiniVan, what will you think?

Way, way, WAAAAAAY better than her dumbass book list, this week’s GOOP is almost (not entirely because it is Gwyneth after all) snark proof.

Click here to read.

Next week it’s f-cking recipes again. Ugh.

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