I was about to call it a day because my screener for Behind The Candelabra just arrived and the entire schedule has now been rearranged to accommodate. Nothing takes precedence over marble bathtubs and plastic surgery.

EXCEPT, well, Gwyneth Paltrow just showed up at a party in London. And you know I like to get my G off quickly.

Here she is arriving at Mark’s Club. The last time I posted about her at that venue she was with Cameron Diaz for an Obama fundraiser. Click here for a refresher.

In other Gwyneth news, it was reported this week that she and Kate Moss have made up after being c-nts to each other at Sir Philip Green’s birthday party in Mexico last year. Supposedly Gwyneth was running and Kate was like, why can’t you just sit around and smoke cigarettes and do some blow instead of exercising and G was like, because you look like sh-t. And Kate told her to f-ck off and eat some carbs. I’m paraphrasing but you get the idea.

It was a good story. It would have been the best story. But the story came from The Sun, and as I wrote at the time -- click here to read -- any story that originates from The Sun is quite likely full of sh-t.

As it happens, G and Kate ran into the each other at a carby pizza place the other day in London. G was there celebrating Apple’s birthday and Kate was there with friends and Kate came over to say hi and it was friendly and lasted 10 minutes so now British gossips are saying that they made up.

Please. As IF Gwyneth Paltrow would slag someone to their face and not behind their back.