After a working family holiday in Barbados, Gwyneth Paltrow is back in New York, was photographed in sweats today, clearly getting in a few last minute workouts before her performance on Sunday at the Oscars. On this occasion, for this crowd, looking good is definitely just as important as sounding good. After all, you’ll be judging her on both, non?

Am very curious to know the order of the songs. Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi will also be on stage for Tangled. Not that G has a choice in the matter but I wonder if she has pull on the order. Would she want to follow Mandy Moore? If I were her, I would definitely NOT want to follow Florence Welch.

The rest of this article is not gossip related. Please skip if you don’t care.

While Gwyneth is continuing with her Tracy Anderson Method however, I’ll be following Hayley’s hard as f-ck daily programmes. Thank you for your messages about the fitness regimen and for your questions about exercises. Many of you tried out yesterday’s circuit and got busted. You know, it’s actually even harder when Hayley’s beside you, not giving you breaks.

She has sent me my tasks for the next 3 days. I am sharing them below. Let’s do together? And remember, once we compile all the emails and your questions, we’ll be communicating back to you in a way that hopefully covers off all your questions and concerns. There have been several messages that have been very personal in nature. Hayley would like to write to you directly, if that’s ok.

For today though, since I went hard 3 days straight, I’m just hitting the treadmill for a light run for 35 minutes at 6.0 with a 1.5 incline for the first 20 minutes, 2.0 incline for the last 15. Hayley doesn’t believe in running without an incline unless it’s part of an interval. She considers it too easy.

Friday’s workout is as follows:

Warm-up: 4 x 400 meters: run the first one at 60% effort, second at 75%, third at 80%, and fourth at 90% (GROSS. 4 x 400s are my least favourite warm-ups. They SUCK.)

16 body weight walking lunges
10 pushups
30 seconds bicycle abs

16 walking lunges with 5lbs weights in each hand
10 pushups
10 e-centric sit-ups

5 x 20 seconds jumping lunges with a 10 second break in between each
10 pushups
60 second front plank

Treadmill: 4 X 200 meters: run each one faster (this is about 60 seconds if they don’t have distance on the treadmill, each time increase the speed and take off 3 seconds)

15 reverse flies with 8lb dumbbells
15 hamstring curls on stability ball
20 deep explosive body weight squats
-repeat 3 times no rest in between (she is SUCH a bitch about the no resting)

Treadmill: 30 seconds at 90% effort followed by 30 seconds fast bicep curls
30 seconds running at 90% effort followed by 30 seconds tricep dips
30 seconds running at 90% effort followed by 30 seconds shoulder press
-repeat twice


Saturday’s workout is as follows:

10 minute easy warm-up: power walk followed by a light jog

5 minute active warm-up: leg swings, a few lunges, a few dynamic stretches

2 x 4 minutes running @ 6.5 mph

4 x 2 minutes running @ 7.5

4 x 1 minute running @ 8.5

Increase include by 1% each set starting at 2%

You can rest up to a minute between intervals



Photos from INF