What was she doing then? Who was she loving?

Oh you remember, don’t you?

As noted yesterday, Gwyneth Paltrow taped an episode of The Marriage Ref this week. Thanks to JJ I can report some exclusive details about the episode obviously before they edit.

My G is on a panel with Jerry Seinfeld and a comic called Greg Giraldo. She wore pink – see small photo attached – and yes, she had on her killer heels. Apparently GOOPy held her own, described as “quite smart and actually pretty funny. As you know, G and the Seinfelds are tight. She and Jessica puree baby food together in the Hamptons. Jessica was at the taping and they whispered conspiratorially together after the show.

Two interesting mentions:

At some point someone remarked that Gwyneth was a perfect judge for the show because “it’s obvious she’s been through couples counselling”. Her response?

“You don't know the half of it."

Oh really?

And my favourite: in a pre-taped segment, one of the contestants (I’ve never watched this show, is there a prize???) wonders aloud who was dating Brad Pitt in 1999. Gwyneth’s reaction was to shout out “1994 baby!” with a fist pump. Cute, right?

Sigh. Imagine if the paps were as prolific then as they are now? Am attaching a selection of old photos, love her face in almost every one. You see? She was no one then and still she always walked around like HE had to earn HER. This is when she became my best friend.

Thanks JJ!

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com